List of Temporarily Banned or Suspended TV Channels in India

Here are list of TV channels which was Temporarily suspended by Indian governments due to some human or technical mistakes.

NDTV Channel (Indian National News Channel) :

NDTV channel was banned for 24 hours because while covering the Pathankot attacks earlier this year, the channel violated industry guidelines by allegedly divulging “crucial information” that could have alerted the terrorists and compromised national security. (as per media source).

Al Jazeera (International News Channel)  :
List of Temporarily Banned or Suspended TV Channels in India

After telecasting an inaccurate map of India, Al Jazeera was banned for five days in April 2015.

WB (English Movie Channel) :

WB was taken off air for a day in January 2014 for airing It's a Boy Girl Thing, deemed to contain "obscene and women-denigrating content".

UTV Bindass :

An episode of the reality show Emotional Atyachaar earned UTV Bindass a 3-day suspension in November 2013 for "containing obscene content".

Big CBS Love (English Entertainment / Movie Channel) :

An episode of Excused got the channel banned for 24 hours in October 2013, for containing "women-denigrating content".

Comedy Central :
An episode of Stand Up Club was deemed to contain "obscene dialogues and vulgar words derogatory to women", thus getting the channel banned for 10 days in May 2013.

Zing (Music and Movie Channel) :
Zing was taken off air for a day in early 2013 after airing "A"-certified film Hawas.

ABN Andhrajyothy :
ABN Andhrajyothy faced a ban of seven days in 2013 for airing Ide Mallea Velavan, which was ruled to contain "obscene and women-denigrating content".

Zoom TV :

Zoom faced a 24-hour suspension in 2013 for airing the "A"-certified film Teesri Aankh.

Fashion TV :

The Union information and broadcasting ministry has prohibited transmission and re-transmission of the channel with effect from 7pm on March 12 to 7pm on March 21 through cable television networks and any other platforms throughout the country. for "showing obscene and women-denigrating content".


AXN was suspended for one day in April 2013, for telecasting the "A"-certified film Darkness Falls in July 12, 2012.
The government got into their moral policing act by banning AXN for two months From Feb.2007 to 15th March 2007 for airing “Worlds sexiest advertisements”, the content described as "creative ads with sexual imagery and overtones although rarely exposing too much skin."

Enterr10 (Hindi Movie Channel):

After telecasting three "A"-certified films, Musafir, Plan and Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Enterr 10 was ordered to be taken off air for a day in January 2013.

SS Music Channel:

The SS TV channel suspended for a fortnight from the midnight of 15 January to the midnight of 30 January for telecasting the trailer of adult film 'Friends with benefits' on 30 September 2011.

Manoranjan TV:
Manoranjan TV was banned for the same day (Enterr10/SSTV) for showing another Hindi movie, Topless, carrying explicit adult content.

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