List of permanent Banned TV Channels in India

Updated on : December 27/03/2016 23:08 IST

24 foreign TV channels banned in India, No permission down-link via Dish Antenna by Single user or Cable operator.

The Indian government 24 foreign TV channels have been banned from telecasting in India as they have either not sought permission for down-linking or such permission has not been given to single or cable TV broadcaster.

First offence – 2 years of imprisonment or fine of Rs.2 lakh or both.

Second offence - 5 years of imprisonment or fine of Rs.3 lakh or both

24 foreign TV channels banned for not seeking permission

Published on : NDTV  / DailyMail

No Banned Pakistani Channels Being Aired in India: Centre to High Court
Published on / September 02, 2015 21:57 IST

‘Action will be taken against unauthorized TV channels banned by the Central Govt’

केंद्रशासनाने बंदी घातलेल्या अनधिकृत दूरचित्रवाहिन्यांच्या विरोधात कारवाई करणार ! 
Published on Sanatan Prabhat

Immediately stop transmission of banned channels through cable in some areas of West Bengal and initiate proper action against offenders.
Published on

24 unauthorised foreign TV channels beaming in India, IB tells MIB
Published on  / 7/12/2015 08:27 AM

11 Pakistan channels among illegal foreign TV networks viewed in India; some content is a security threat, IB warns. Rathore said in Parliament last Friday in response to a question on foreign TV channels in the Lok Sabha.
Published on December 7, 2015 16:02

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. why these islamic channels are banned in india. why there is not a singleI Islamic channel available for indian muslims. because there are several channels available for hundus and Christians on indian dish and cable tv.

  3. Shaik, there are umpteen no of channels for Islam too.

  4. I am unable to understand after installing Dish antena and set top box How to see all free to air channel at my home in South Delhi Kalkaji DDA Flats

  5. Unable to understand how to view programmes of various settlite ie 4A,4b Asia Sat etc

  6. Sir can you provide me the details of the regulations and punishments directed by the government for those who are running these channels illegally.

  7. Shaik Akbar ji aap indian ho tho aap ko malum hona chahiye shayad bhartiya sarkar ka lagta hoga in channelo main aisa kuch dikaya ja raha ho jo bharat kilaf hoga,isliye aise channel bann hona hi chahiye,yaha par hum sub ek hai,tum jaise logo k vajaha se muslim badanam hote hai,ye channel dekana hai tho pakistan jao.

  8. Madani Channel watan parasti sikhata he yani desh bhakti OK,
    or batao agar Madani Channel par kuch eysi baat hoti ho Jo mere desh k khilaf ho

  9. Sala ye to tanasahi hai.... I love Qtv ....aajtak usme koi galat bat nahi batai...
    fck this govt..

  10. sir why you have been ban these channel in india what is reason behind

  11. How can someone get the frequency an use it in my country?

  12. Jo person India k constitution ko nhi manta get lost Ho jao india se Sabhi log rahenge india me Hindu Muslim Sikh isaai etc. Constitution me he or constitution hi galat items movement India me Band krta he. Jo nhi manta chala jaye india se


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