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Know about the free to air (FTA) channels -

Over-the-air television (OTA) is best method to receive over the air or free-to-air TV channels using DVB-T/DVB-T2 antenna or satellite dish.
Over-the-air television receives the radio waves with the help of a TV receiver which has an antenna.
As you know Over the Air / Free-To-Air channels are completely free to watch. Anyone can receive or watch live TV channels using Antenna and TV receiver (set-top box).

Free to air Channels means anybody can receive these channels by using related equipment. These channels are usually available from satellite and terrestrial networks. To receive satellite free to air channels you need satellite FTA system and if you want to receive free to air channels from digital terrestrial networks then you have to buy DTT / DVB-T2 set-top box.

Do you know what free-to-air channels means?

Free-to-air TV channels are radio channels means those TV and radio channels available in the air by satellite beam or digital /analog terrestrial towers.

These FTA channels available in air unencrypted form means there is no encryption by the broadcaster. These channels available free to watch by anyone by using free-to-air receiving system receive the signal and view or listen to the TV / Radio channels without requiring any subscription.

How to receive free to air channels?

To receive these channels you can use free to air satellite receivers and satellite dish antenna to receive channels from satellite Ku-band and c-band beam and Digital DVB-T or DVB-T2 set-top box are required for digital terrestrial TV channels.

To receive satellite free to air channels, you have to buy a free to air set-top box and dish antenna. You can buy C-Band dish antenna for C-Band free to air channels or you can buy Ku-Band DTH antenna for Ku-band channels.

In which band have most of free to air channels?

If you can buy C-Band system then you can get all the Indian free to air channels, as well as you can receive worldwide free to air channels if satellite coverage is available in India.

Is it legal to install a C-Band dish / Ku-Band antenna?

Yes, It is 100% safe and legal to watch free to air channels using C-Band and Ku-Band antenna. But there are some conditions from governments are -
> You can not watch other Country's TV channels in India without permission of Government.
> You can not use your dish antenna for commercial purpose, means you can not provide antenna connection to another person for money. You can provide dish antenna signals free for personal viewing only.

What is the list of Indian satellite free to air channels?

There are lots of free to air satellite television channels available in India. You can check our update FTA channels list of India.
These channels are free to air from different-2 satellites. The website (www.thefreetoair.com) providing the latest updates on free to air channels in India. You can view the complete list from here.

In this site "thefreetoair.com", you will get all information about free to air channels so that you can get easily without any subscription.

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