OTV / Odia TV News channel added on GSAT 30

Odisha TV or OTV is a regional news TV channel for the Odisha in Odia languages. Odisha TV or OTV is the first private TV channel of Odisha. OTV channel was launched in 2006 as a regional satellite news channel. The channel is completely free to air which can be received by using any C-Band satellite system.

What is the satellite and its position of Odisha TV or OTV?

OTV channel is available now on GSAT-30 satellite, and position of 83.0° east.

ଓଟିଭି ନେବତ୍ସ କି ଫ୍ରେକଏନସାୟ କୄଯ ଏହି

Here is the frequency of Odisha TV or OTV TV channel -

Satellite Position - 83.0° EAST
Satellite Name - G-Sat 30
Dish Antenna - C-Band
Frequency - 3840
Polarity - H
Symbol Rate - 6920
Quality - MPEG-4
System - DVB-S
Mode - The Free to Air
Audio PID - 302
Video PID - 303
SR PID - 302

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  1. Now OTV (Odisha TV) and all OTV N/W TV Channels like TARANG, Tarang Music, Prarthana and Alankar channels are available in GSAT - 10 @83 deg East. Frequency - 4073.25 Mhz, Symbol Rate - 9600 KSPS, FEC 3/4, DVBS2, 8PSK, POL - Horizontal.


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