GEM Bollywood is free to air TV channels in the Farsi language. It is part of the GEM Group Network, at it is available on the Yahasat 1A satellite at 52.5°E.

About GEM Bollywood TV Channel -
GEM Bollywood is free to air TV channels that
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broadcasting Drama, Serials, Movies in Hindi and Farsi language with English / Farsi subtitles.

How to receive GEM Bollywood :

Yahasat 1A satellite at 52.5°E can be tracked by using the Ku-band DTH antenna in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE and some parts of North India.

Gem Bollywood Yahsat New Frequency -

Satellite -Yahsat
Satellite Position - 52.5°E
LNB Frequency - 09750-10600 (Universal)
Channel Frequency - 11880
Symbol Rate - 27500
Pol _ V
Mode - Free to air
Quality - DVB-S2 / MPEG-4