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Channel [V] China Free to air from Asiasat 7 Satellite

Channel [V] is a Southeast Asian pay television network owned by Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. It was launched by what was back then Star TV to replace MTV's original Asian operation.

This channel is temp FTA from Asiasat satellite. If you have C-band dish antenna then you can get this channel easily by using any FTA set-top box.
Channel [V] China Free to air from Asiasat 7 Satellite

How to get?
To receive this channel, you need free to air system which include a MPEG-4 free to air set-top box and minimum 4ft (120cm) C-band dish antenna with c-band LNB.

Where to buy FTA system:
You can buy it from your local market, or you can buy online from many online websites like solid website, catvindia mahamargin etc.

How to scan your free to air set-top box:
You can fill given below technical parameters to receive this channel

Channel Name: Channel [V]
Position - 105.5°E
Satellite - AsiaSat 7
Frequency - 3717
Pol - H
Symbol Rate - 8166
FEC - 3/4
System - DVB-S2
Modulation - 8PSK
Quality - MPEG-4
Encryption - No
Mode - Free to air

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