AVT Khyber Pakistan channel Free to air from Paksat 1R Satellite

This is very good news who have coverage of SES8 Satellite, ku-Band users because one another extra channel AVT Khyber free-to-air.

This channel was launched in July 2004.  This channel moved on to regular transmission within a record short period of time and on to 24 hours transmission within seven months of its launch. The popularity of this Channel is not restricted to the Pukhtuns of Pakistan but also of Afghanistan, Middle East, Australia and the Far East where it has captured viewers in more than 90% Pukhtun households. Within this short span of its history.

If you are C-Band dish users then you can get channel from this technical details :

You can find "AVT Khyber " channel at this frequency:
Satellite : Paksat 1R
Position : 38.0°E
Frequency : 3800
Symbol Rate : 7300
FEC : 3/4
System : DVB-S/QPSK/MPEG-2
POL  : V

AVT Khyber Pakistan channel Free to air from SES8 Satellite

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