Sakhi TV Test Channel changed Technical details

Sakhi TV Removed From Intelsat 17 Satellite at 66 Degree East

Satellite Name : Intelsat-17 ,
Satellite Longitude : 66 Degree East,
Polarization: Vertical ,
Type : DVB-S2 ,
Downlink Freq: 3967.5 Mhz,
Symbol Rate :8800 Ksps,
Modulation : 8PSK,
FEC rate :2/3
Sakhi TV Test Channel changed Technical details

About Sakhi TV channel :

SAKHI TV is an endeavour that envisions the empowerment of women. The concept of creating a television channel for women has been a long cherished dream of the management at Sakhi. Within a short span of time since its official inauguration as a company, the vision of this organization has fired up the enthusiasm of the Indian populace. Support and ideas have been pouring in from across the globe. The rising popularity of this concept will surely lead Sakhi Television to become the voice of the empowered Indian woman.

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